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Manage Local KB Admin external data source configurations



    • ERM Sprint 70, ERM Sprint 71
    • Bienenvolk


      Administrators can add configurations for external knowledgebases to be used as the source of data for eresources in Agreements local KB, as well as remove them or edit their details.

      Workflow / UI Notes

      • Set from within Settings -> Local KB Admin -> External data soure
      • Display within Settings -> Local KB Admin -> External data soure
      • Sort by Name (if sort available, sort not essential)

      Given amount of data required for each External data source, suggest adopt a card based UI as per UXPROD-1970

      • A card per term instead
      • The card would be styled like the editable cards we use when editing the documents or terms of a license.
      • Save/Delete buttons could be on the right side of each card's header.

      External data source configurations have the following details:

      • Name (required)). String. Unique - i.e. cannot be the name of an existing configuration
      • Type (required). List of valid kb.adapters. Only one supported current "org.olf.kb.adapters.GOKbOAIAdapter". Default to this value as required an only one option
      • URI (required). Must be a valid http or https URI
      • listPrefix. String
      • fullPrefix. String
      • Active (required). Boolean. Default to False
      • Supports harvesting (required). Boolean. Default to True
      • Activation enabled (required). Boolean. Default to False
      • Principal. String
      • Credentials. String
      • Record type. (required) Option list, default to "Package". Currently can only have value of "Package" in UI, maps to value of "1" for remoteKB.rectype


      Out of Scope

      • scheduling frequency with which external knowlegebases are harvested

      FOLIO UI conventions are followed for fields and validation

      Deliverables / Outputs:

      • New Settings for Local KB Admin -> External data source configuration
      • Fields for external Knowledgebase configuration

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