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Support controlled updating of title instances in agreements local KB



    • ERM Sprint 86, ERM Sprint 87, ERM Sprint 88
    • Bienenvolk


      Currently once title instances have been created in the agreements local KB, they are not subsequently updated even if the metadata in the underlying data source (remote KB, file upload) is changed.

      This story is to enable some controlled and limited updating of title instance metadata by subsequent data syncs/loads. This story will not include correcting incorrectly assigned identifiers or correcting incorrect relationships between identifiers - that situation is more complex and will be covered by ERM-788.

      This story is to enable updating of the following title instance metadata:

      • title
      • dateMonographPublished
      • firstAuthor
      • firstEditor
      • monographEdition
      • monographVolume

      To avoid situations where two data sources disagree about title instance data and consequently end up flipping data one way and then the other, this story includes the implementation of the concept of a "trusted" data source which will be used to decide whether the data source should be used to update title instance data or not:

      • Sources (remote KBs/Local) should be have a field which says whether they will be used to update title instance metadata
      • If a source is marked as 'Trusted source of title instance metadata' then any job in relation to that source should lead to titles etc being updated and the data being used should be taken as correct and be used to update existing title instance data
      • If a source is not marked as trusted then it should only update the package/PackageContentItem and related information (which is current default behaviour I think)
      • LOCAL should be trusted in default configuration (implying that file uploads will be trusted)
      • Any REMOTE KBs should not be trusted in default configuration
      • When adding data through file upload ideally it should be possible to explicitly mark a job as "trusted" or not with the default coming from the value on the LOCAL source. If a job is marked as 'trusted for title instance metadata' then data loaded through that job would be treated as coming from a trusted source

      For JSON upload the 'trusted' flag will be included in the JSON file - definition will need updating to reflect this

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