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Add ability to Delete license



    • ERM Sprint 86, ERM Sprint 87, ERM Sprint 88


      It should be possible to delete licenses from the UI.

      The option should be added to the Actions menu dropdown in the License view pane, as shown in the mockup:

      • The option should be named "Delete" and have a trashcan icon.
      • "Delete" should be displayed last in the list of options.

      The user should receive a confirmation prompt before deleting a license, as shown in the below mockup:

      • The modal header should read "Delete license"
      • The body text should read "License [name] and any attached amendments will be deleted".
        • [name] is the name of the license.
        • The license name and the word "deleted" should be in bold.
      • The Delete button should have a red background.

      Scenario: License is linked to an agreement

      It should not be possible to delete a License that is linked to an Agreement. If the user tries to delete a license linked to an agreement they should receive a warning that this is not possible because it is linked to agreements, as shown in the below mockup:

      • The error is displayed using a callout.
      • The callout should not disappear until the user dismisses it.
      • The text of the callout should read "License was not deleted because it is in use on one or more agreements."
        • The text "License was not deleted" should be displayed in bold.

      Scenario: License is successfully deleted

      When a license is deleted any linked documents, amendments, and term values should also be deleted.

      When a license is successfully deleted, display a callout message with:

      • A success icon
      • The text: "License deleted: [name]", where name is the name of the license.
      • A close icon.

      See the mockup for an example.

      Other information

      For examples of the callout see:

      For an example of the deletion confirmation modal and success callout see Amendment deletion.

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