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Separate refdata categories into "internal" and "user" lists



    • ERM Sprint 84, ERM Sprint 85, ERM Sprint 86
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      Certain Ref Data categories and values (aka pick list values) need to exist in order for functionality in the system to work as designed.

      To ensure that users can edit categories correctly and not remove required values, the ref data lists should be split into two types:

      • internal (it is not possible to edit or delete an internal pick list/refdata category)
      • user (it is not possible to edit a user pick list, but it is possible to delete it if it has no values attached)
      • Internal categories only allow the editing of labels of existing values in the category (aka "pick list values")
      • User categories can be freely edited by the user (adding or deleting values to the category as well as modifying the labels on existing values)

      Specifically in Agreements:

      Ref data category Internal or User?
      TitleInstance.Type Internal
      TitleInstance.SubType Internal
      SubscriptionAgreementOrg.Role Internal
      SubscriptionAgreement.RenewalPriority User
      SubscriptionAgreement.ReasonForClosure User
      SubscriptionAgreement.AgreementType User
      SubscriptionAgreement.AgreementStatus Internal
      RemoteLicenseLink.Status User
      Pkg.Type User
      PersistentJob.Status Internal
      PersistentJob.Result Internal
      LicenseAmendmentStatus.Status Internal
      InternalContact.Role User
      IdentifierOccurrence.Status Internal
      Global.Yes_No Internal
      DocumentAttachment.AtType User
      AgreementRelationship.Type Internal

      And in Licenses:

      Ref data category Internal or User?
      DocumentAttachment.AtType User
      InternalContact.Role User
      License.EndDateSemantics Internal
      License.Status Internal
      License.Type User
      LicenseOrg.Role Internal

      In license settings, all "term value" lists created in the UI should be "User" lists. This also applies to the term lists we create in our default installations/test systems:

      Ref data category Internal or User?
      Permitted/Prohibited User
      Yes/No/Other User

      See screenshots for information about what it should/shouldn't be possible to do to Internal/User lists and values

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