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Agreements: Edit: Issue saving unassigned license amendments



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      When an agreement's controlling license has new amendments added to it, the user can edit the agreement and set the field "Status (this agreement)" to assign the amendments to the agreement. There is an issue on saving. Selecting "Save & close" appears to save the agreement but when the Controlling license in the agreement is previewed some amendments are displaying as being unassigned, and (this is the strange part), it's not always the ones which were unassigned previously, amendments which were set before can become unset.

      I've tested several times. The issue only seems to arise when the order of the amendments changes - when new amendments are listed at the bottom the issue doesn't seem to occur. Setting amendments' "Status" fields to different values seems to cause the amendments to reorder, and this is when the issue seems to occur.

      What should happen

      When an agreement is edited and unassigned amendments have their "Status (this agreement)" field set, when saved, the value of "Status (this agreement)" for each amendment should be saved.

      What is happening

      When saved, some of the "Status (this amendment)" fields are being set to blank, which is causing them to be listed as unassigned amendments.

      Editing the agreement a second time, setting "Status (this agreement" for the unassigned amendments and saving again causes the "Status (this agreement" field to be unset but this time for different amendments.

      Steps to recreate

      1. Create a new license
      2. Add an amendment and set its Status to "Active"
      3. Repeat step 2 two times to create three amendments in total
      4. Edit an agreement and link the new license to the agreement.
      5. Set the license's "Status (this agreement)" = "Controlling"
      6. Set the field "Status (this agreement)" field for all three amendments="Current"
      7. Save the agreement
      8. In the agreement preview open the Controlling license accordion. The amendments are displayed correctly.
      9. Go back to the license app, open the license add three more amendments to it. This time set the "Status" fields all to different values, e.g. Expired, Rejected.
      10. In the License preview, Amendments accordion, the amendments should now be listed in an order which is not "date-created"
      11. Now preview the Agreement and open the "Controlling license" accordion. The three amendments added in step 9 are listed as unassigned amendments.
      12. Edit the agreement and set "Status (this agreement)" for each amendment="Current"
      13. Save the agreement
      14. In the agreement preview open the Controlling license accordion. There will be some amendments lists as being unassigned even though they were all set in the Edit pane.
      15. Edit the agreement again and set the "Status (this agreement)" fields
      16. Save the agreement
      17. In the agreement preview open the Controlling license accordion. There may now be some different amendments listed as bing unassigned.

      This is all shown in the attached mp4.

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