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Agreements: Inconsistent behaviour in the display of validation messages for mandatory lookups



    • ERM Sprint 78
    • Bienenvolk


      On the Agreement Edit/New pane, several lookups exist. When the user chooses to link records, the lookup is mandatory in all cases. When the users saves the agreement, validation should be applied using a consistent UX pattern and also meet accessibility standards.

      Display validation message

      If a lookup has not been completed the validation message "Please fill this in to continue" should be displayed and the pattern should be applied consistently.

      The Internal Contacts lookup shown below adopts the correct pattern.

      Two changes are needed to messages displayed in the lookups:

      1. PO line lookup: Add the validation message "Please fill this in to continue"
      2. Organization lookup: When the validation message is displayed retain the text:
        • No organization linked
        • Link an organization to get started
          Currently the validation message replaces the above text

      Give focus to lookup button

      Each of the buttons listed below should be given focus when the user saves and no lookup has been completed.

      Link user
      Link PO line
      Link license
      Link organization
      Link usage data provider
      Link agreement

      Note: Bear in mind, it is important that the validation message is read to screen-reader users in addition to the button being in focus.

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