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Support multiple POLs on a single Agreement Line



    • ERM Sprint 76
    • Bienenvolk


      There can be situations where multiple orders/order lines relate to obtaining the same resource. Specifically where there are one off (non-recurring) content fees and then recurrent hosting fees which leads to the need for a one-off Order + an Ongoing Order (in Folio terms) relating to the same agreement line

      Value for user:
      By linking a POL to mulitple Agreement lines a library can record, view and track information about the acquisition of the agreement line without being constrained to a single PO or PO type (ongoing vs one-off)

      An Agreement line is for a digital archive where the content is purchased outright with a one-off payment, and then an annual access or hosting fee is paid to the supplier hosting the content. The library needs to track the one-off order/payment for the content and the on-going order/payments for the access fee. Since currently in Folio the order type (one-off vs on-going) is set on the PO, the library has to track this via two POs. They link the two POLs for the relevant agreement line to track both aspects of payment for the resource.

      Roles and restrictions:
      The existing roles and restrictions for linking POLs to Agreement lines apply

      Workflow / UI expectations:
      From Agreements (edit view) -> Agreement Lines each agreement line should be displayed with an option to "Add PO line"
      Clicking "Add PO line" will prompt the user to search for and select an existing POL (using the POL search & sort modal)

      From Agreements (preview pane) -> Agreement Lines where the PO Line number currently displays, if there are multiple POLs linked to the Agreement line, all POLs numbers should be displayed

      See mock ups attached

      Business rules & constraints:
      No new business rules or constraints beyond those that already apply to adding POLs to Agreement lines

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