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Improve the header for the display of e-resources in agreements



    • ERM Sprint 73


      The "header" areas of e-resource records displayed in the preview pane needs a number of changes to improve the UX.

      1. Add the package title in the header and apply the xx-large headline style, as shown in the mock-up.

      The following changes apply only to e-resources which are packages.

      2. Change the button "+ Add package" as follows:

      • Right-align the button as shown in the mockup
      • Change the button text to "Add package to basket"
      • When the package has been added to the basket the button text changes to "Remove from basket". This should be changed to "Remove package from basket"

      3. The sub-section heading "Agreements for this e-resource" is displayed in the header area. When a package is being displayed the section heading should read "Agreements for this package".

      The following changes apply to e-resources which are not packages.

      4. In the accordion section "Options for acquiring e-resource [e-resource name]" a multi-column list is displayed. Buttons are displayed in the "E-resource basket" column.

      • Change the text "+ Add package" to "Add package"
      • Change the text "+ Add title" to "Add title"
      • When an e-resource is added to the basket the button text changes to "Remove from basket". and the background becomes transparent. The button background should be white.

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