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Close an Agreement



    • ERM Sprint 73, ERM Sprint 74
    • Bienenvolk


      Value for user:
      When an Agreement reaches an end, it is useful to be able to close the agreement and set a reason (where relevant) for the closure.


      • The library moves from an individual SpringerLink contract to a Projekt DEAL agreement for the same content. They close the existing agreement once it has finished. They set the status to "Closed" and reason to "Superseded by new agreement"

      Roles and restrictions:

      • Only users who are able to edit Agreements should be able to Close agreements

      Workflow / UI expectations:

      • From Agreements edit pane user sets the status to 'Closed'
      • Once the status is set to "Closed" the user can see a field "Reason for closure" which is a tenant definable list of values
      • For test instance the list of values for 'Reason for closure' should be:
        • Cancelled
        • Ceased
        • Rejected
      • This list of three reasons was based on feedback from the ERM Subgroup 25th September as being a good set of reasons, but in a production environment institutions would want to decide on their own list of reasons

      • User clicks to save, and the agreement status and 'reason for closure' are updated
      • The Agreement is displayed in the preview pane.
        • If Status is "Closed" the field "Status" and "Reason for closure" are both displayed under "Agreement period note" as shown in the below wireframe. If Status is not "Closed" then the two fields are not displayed (neither.the labels nor the values).

      Assumes work on ERM-466 and ERM-467 is complete.


      • Want to change from "Cancelled" (current status) to "Closed" - what's the best way of us handling this?
      • Need to add "Reason for closure" to Agreement edit form - but only want to display when status is "Closed"

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