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Manage linked agreements



    • ERM Sprint 74, ERM Sprint 75
    • Bienenvolk


      Value for user:
      By supporting the ability to relate agreements to each other, institutions will be able to record and see relationships between agreements. By supporting the "typing" of relationships it will be possible users to see nature of the relationship between agreements. Types of relationship are likely to include at least:

      • Supersedes
      • Post-cancellation access
      • Permanent purchases (eg, demand-driven acquisitions, evidence based acquisitions)


      • A library moves from an institutional agreement for SpringerLink journals to a Projekt DEAL license (https://www.projekt-deal.de/about-deal/). The library creates a new agreement in Folio for the Projekt DEAL agreement, but wishes to link it to the previous institutional agreement so it is easy to track how access to the same content moved from one agreement to another over time

      Roles and restrictions:

      • E-resource managers should be able to add and edit Agreement relationship
      • All users should be able to view Agreement relationship in an agreement

      Workflow / UI expectations:
      1. A user can add/edit/remove linked Agreements from Agreement (edit pane) > Related Agreements

      2. A user can view linked Agreements in the Agreement (preview pane) > Related Agreements concertina (new)

      Business rules & constraints:

      • When setting a related agreement
        • a Relationship is required
        • a note is optional
      • The same Agreement can be related with different relationships
      • The same relationship can be allocated to multiple related agreements
      • An existing related agreement can be edited to change relationship and note
      • An existing related agreement can be removed from the agreement
      • Agreement relationships are directional and have reciprocal relationships. The reciprocal value for Supersedes is "Superseded by" - i.e. if Agreement B is related to Agreement A with the relationship "Supersedes" then "Agreement B supersedes Agreement A" and "Agreement A is superseded by Agreement B". The three relationships that should be supported are:
        • Supersedes <-> Superseded by
        • Provides post-cancellation access for <-> Has post-cancellation access in
        • Tracks demand-driven acquisitions for <-> Has demand-driven acquisitions in
      • The relationship between two agreements can be edited from either agreement but the wording of the relationship (superseded or superseded by) is displayed on each agreement appropriately in both preview and edit panes for each agreement
      • When viewing the relationship between two agreements the following details of the related agreement are displayed:
        • Agreement name
        • Start date (current period)
        • End date (current period)

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