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Duplicate Agreement



    • ERM Sprint 74, ERM Sprint 75, ERM Sprint 76, ERM Sprint 77
    • Bienenvolk


      Value for user:
      Ability for members of library staff to create new agreements based on an existing agreement will save re-keying of information and make it easy to create agreements that are with the same organisations, under the license, or broadly for the same content


      • The library is going to negotiate a new agreement for a similar set of content from the same supplier
      • The library is going to make a new agreement under an existing license
      • The library is going to make a new agreement with the same supplier

      Roles and restrictions:

      • Only users who are able to edit Agreements should be able to Duplicate agreements

      Workflow / UI expectations:
      1. A user can choose to Duplicate an Agreement from the drop down menu at the top of the agreement (next to "Edit Agreement")

      2. After selecting to Duplicate an Agreement the user is prompted with which aspects of the Agreement they wish to copy into the Duplicate Agreement including:

      • Agreement information
      • Internal contacts
      • Agreement lines
      • Linked Licenses
      • External Licenses
      • Organizations
      • Supplementary information
      • Usage data provider
      • Notes
      • Tags
        This wireframe shows the general expectation for the screen layout, but for the list of things to be copied the description in the story should be used as the correct list

      3. There will be options to select all or none of the above
      4. After confirming their selections, a new agreement will be opened in edit view with the appropriate copied information in place
      5. The new agreement will include a related agreement and the option to the relationship with the other agreement (see ERM-460)
      6. The new agreement is created only once the user selects "Save and Close"

      Business rules & constraints:
      The options for which parts of an agreement to duplicate work as follows:

      If the options for duplicating information need to be prioritised, the most important options are:

      • Agreement information (includes agreement name, description, status, Renewal priority, "Is perpetual" flag)
      • Internal contacts (user + role)
      • Agreement lines (creates agreement lines for the resources and custom coverage information, but does not include any links to POLs)
      • Linked Licenses (includes "General License information", each linked license and amendment with statuses and notes)
      • Organizations (org + role)
      • usage data provider (provider + note)

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