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Manage License term configuration



    • ERM Sprint 70, ERM Sprint 71
    • Bienenvolk


      Administrators can add license terms for use in the tenant, as well as edit their details and remove them (as long as they are not in use).
      Only users with access to License settings can view, edit or delete the list of available license terms in the tenant

      Permission to edit these details are separate to those of other ERM permission sets

      Workflow / UI Notes

      • Set from within Settings -> Licenses -> License terms
      • Display within Settings -> Licenses -> License terms
      • Sort by Weight (if sort available, sort not essential)

      As per discussion in UXPROD-1960 UI should use a card-based, three-pane UI

      • A card per term instead
      • The card would be styled like the editable cards we use when editing the documents or terms of a license.
      • Save/Delete buttons could be on the right side of each card's header.

      Data stored for License terms:

      • Name (short test string <50 chars) (required)
        • Help/info text for 'name' (information in bold is the key information) : A license term 'name' is used when outputting the term data in a machine readable format. It is not intended to be displayed to users (staff or patrons). It should be a short text string that can be used by any external systems or programs that access the license term data. Use of camelCase is suggested but not required. Changes to the license term name would affect any external systems using license term data and changes should not be made without consulting those responsible for relevant external systems and software.
      • Label (short text string <255 chars) (required)
        • Help/info text for 'label' (information in bold is the key information): A license term 'label' is used when displaying the term to users within Folio and in any other systems that display license terms to users. It should be a short text string that clearly communicates what information is recorded in the term. The Description should be used where further explanation of the term is required for display to users.
      • Description (paragraph)
      • Order weight (positive or negative or zero integer) default to zero (required)
      • Primary term? (boolean) default to 'false' (required)
      • Default visibility (pick from "Internal" (default value) or "Public" - maps to defaultInternal boolean with Internal = true and Public = false) (required)
      • Type (choice of "Decimal", "Integer", "Pick List", "Text". NB "Pick List" is actually "Refdata" type, but should be labelled as "Pick List" in UI) (required)
      • Pick List to use (only active if "Pick List" is chosen as Type. If "Pick List" chosen as Type this field is required)

      Business rules

      • A license term with "Primary" set to "true" cannot be deleted
      • A license term that has been used in the context of a license (i.e. there is a license with a value assigned to the term)
        • Cannot be deleted
        • Cannot have it's type edited
        • Cannot have it's Pick List to use edited

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