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Support API for retrieving license terms based on a resource identifier



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      Support the ability to make an API and get a license JSON representation back for public facing properties. API should support requests by:

      • eHoldings titleID+packageID
        • Example: Harvard Business Review in the Academic ASAP package has ID: 18-34-32090 [34 = packageID] and [32090 = titleID].
      • Agreement resource ID
      • Resource Title identifier e.g. ISSN, ISBN (lower priority)

      When a Request is made, relevant licenses should be identified by:

      • Identifying a resource
      • Finding all agreements which that resource is part of (either as an agreement line, or as part of a package which is part of an agreement via an agreement line) which also fulfil the criteria:
        • Agreement Status == Active AND agreement start date in the past AND (an end date in the future OR a blank end date)
        • Agreement Status == (Active OR Cancelled) AND Perpetual Access == Yes
      • Finding the Controlling license (if one exists) for the agreements

      Once all relevant licenses have been identified the details of each relevant agreement+controlling license combination will be returned as the API response

      Multiple Agreement+License maybe returned to a single API call. The structure of response will be specified by ERM-360

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