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Manage public notes on license term values



    • ERM Sprint 69
    • Bienenvolk


      When outputting license information to display in public facing systems, institutions may wish to add notes at the level of a license term value to display to the public. This is a separate note to the existing license term value note (implemented by ERM-132) as that existing note will never be displayed to the public (patrons).

      eResource Manager can add a public note for each license term value, as well as remove or edit them.

      • No other non-admin roles can manage license term value public note

      Workflow / UI Notes

      • Set and clear public notes from within License > Terms when creating or editing a License record
      • Ideally public note stores HTML with WYSWIG editor (see comment - this may not be implemented in first instance)
      • An annotation may be up to ~paragraph length of text
      • Display within License > Terms
      • Display within Agreements > Controlling License Terms UI
      • The public note is always shown, even if blank (to indicate that no public note has been set)
      • Relabel existing note field as "Internal note"

      Notes, constraints and business rules

      • Only 1 optional public note can be set per term value
      • In a specific license context, the term must be set (as opposed to Not Set, eg, for default terms) for it to be able to have an public note (ie, no orphan public note)

      Out of scope:

      • No history, search, title or categorisation


      1 License edit pane, Terms accordion


      • Name spans the full width.
      • Wireframe suggests that the "Public Note" should only displayed when visibility set to "Public". This is incorrect. The option to edit the Public Note field should be present at all times (this enables a public note to be set and reviewed in the system before being made public to users)
      • Visibility is indicated as mandatory with an asterisk.
      • The repeating group design is applied:
        • Header has grey background containing "Term [number]" on the left and the Delete icon (trash can) on the right.
        • Body has a pale grey background.

      2. License preview pane, Terms accordion


      • When Visibility=Public and the "Public note" field is blank, display the field label and a "-". Note that "Internal note" should remain completely hidden if blank.
      • The repeating group design is applied.

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