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Manage 'Notes' on e-resources in Agreements



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      Value for user:
      Notes are short text fields that can be added in an ad hoc manner to various items in Folio. This enables a user to easily add notes to an item which can be then viewed by other the user and other users.

      A user wishes to add a note about a particular package that a specific title is excluded or that coverage starts on a specific date for a specific reason. They can do this, and when they, or another user, look at the package in the future they can see that this is the case.

      Roles and restrictions:
      Permission to manage notes on a resource should be separate to the permission to edit the resource details (currently no user can have permission to edit a resource)

      Workflow / UI expectations:
      1. A user can manage resource notes from the e-resource (preview pane) from a new "Notes" accordion

      • For a package resource the new Notes accordion should be above the "E-resources in package" accordion
      • For a non-package resource the new Notes accordion should be above the "Options for acquiring" accordion
        The Notes management interface should follow the pattern established in the eHoldings app (see also STSMACOM-185)

      Business rules & constraints:
      Manage Notes functionality should only be available when the Notes app is available in the tenant

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