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Manage usage data providers on agreements



    • ERM Sprint 67, ERM Sprint 68
    • Bienenvolk


      Value for user:
      A user may wish to access information about the usage (by patrons) of electronic resources. This information is collected and stored by the eUsage app. To make it easy for users to access the relevant usage data, they need to be able to link the usage data provider to relevant agreements

      Roles and restrictions:
      E-resource managers should be able to add and edit the usage data providers for an agreement
      All users should be able to view the usage data providers for an agreement

      Workflow / UI expectations:

      • Usage data information and options should only display if the eUsage app is installed
        • New accordion in Agreement preview pane headed "Usage data"
        • New accordion in Agreement edit pane headed "Usage data provider"
        • New option in {{ Agreement (edit) -> Usage data provider}} to Add Usage data provider
      • When the user selects to add a Usage data provider, they can search through usage data providers (via plugin ui-plugin-find-erm-usage-data-provider) and select one to add to the agreement
      • When adding a usage data provider, there should also be the opportunity for the user to add a Note relating to that usage data provider in the context of the agreement
      • Where a usage data provider has been added to the agreement,
        • in {{ Agreement (edit) -> Usage data provider}} there will be an option to remove the usage data provider using the usual trashcan icon
        • The usage data provider will display in {{ Agreement (preview) -> Usage data }} using a card layout
        • Where a Usage data provider has been added the name of the Usage data provider will link to the display of the usage data provider in the eUsage app

      Business rules & constraints:
      An agreement can have zero to many usage data providers

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