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Export Agreement data as JSON



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      Libraries may wish to provide information about electronic resources known about in Folio to user/patron facing interfaces, such as discovery systems.

      mod-agreements needs to be able to send a summary of resources in JSON for use by external systems

      The summary/export will need to included information on all the titles an institution currently has access to (Aggregated over all current agreements) as JSON.

      The list of titles should be generated based on the titles that are part of "current" agreements , where "current" is defined by
      (Status = Active) AND (("Is Perpetual" == "Yes") OR (("agreement start date" =< today OR not-populated) && (today =< "agreement end date" OR not-populated)). At a later date it maybe desirable for this criteria to be user definable.

      The list of titles for an agreement is the same as is displayed in Agreement preview pane -> E-resources Agreement lines -> E-resources covered by this Agreements (Note that where an Agreement has a Package resource as an agreement line, all titles/resources contained in that package should be included in the list of titles.)

      Ideally JSON should group title lists by agreement, but if this is problematic then it is not a requirement

      The JSON should include:

      • Agreement name (desirable, not required)
      • Agreement ID (desirable, not required)
      • Title
      • Title Identifiers (all known identifiers for a title including ISSN, eISSN, EZB, ZDB,...)
      • Coverage information for a title (start date, start volume, start issue, end date, end volume, end issue) (note that a single title can have multiple coverage statements, all coverage information should be included in the JSON)
      • URL for title in agreement
      • Publisher
      • E-resource type
      • Platform
      • Package

      If the export includes additional data to the fields listed here, this is absolutely fine. I would be against doing any significant work to remove data from the export if it is easier to just push out entire objects

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