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Set supplementary information for an Agreement



    • ERM Sprint 61, ERM Sprint 64, ERM Sprint 65
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      eResource Managers can optionally add supplementary documents to an Agreement record, as well as remove them or edit their details.

      • No other non-admin roles can manage supplementary Agreement information

      Workflow / UI Notes

      • Set from within Agreement (edit pane) > Supplementary Information panel when editing the Agreement record.
      • Display within Agreement (preview pane) > Supplementary Information panel.

      Data stored for supplementary documents associated with Agreement records:

      • Name (string) (required)
      • document location (at least one of the following is required)
        • Physical Location (string)
        • URL (url)
      • Note (paragraph) (optional)
      • Document Category (tenant-defined list, no default) (optional required). For test purposes, pre-populate options with:
        • No categories for test purposes at this time
      • If no Document Category are defined, do not display option to set Document Category in Agreement (edit pane) > Supplementary Information

      Notes, constraints and business rules

      • An Agreement can have 0, 1 or multiple supplementary information documents associated with it.
      • Each supplementary document may have 0 or 1 document category
      • Document Category options are for supplementary information only

      Out of Scope

      • File upload
      • UI for configuring document categories

      Assumed FOLIO UI conventions are followed for fields and validation, including visual indicators for presenting external URLs and display of empty fields (such as notes)

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