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On agreement and license view not all linked Org interfaces displaying



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      For an agreement/license with a linked Organisation, where the Organisation has at least one interface, the interface does not alway display.

      Problem present in:

      • Morning Glory (ui-agreements 8.2.3 / ui-licenses 8.2.2)
      • Nolana (ui-agreements 8.3.2 / ui-licenses 8.3.1)

      Seems to be fixed in latest on folio-snapshot

      Steps to Reproduce:

      Only occurs on systems with >100 interfaces but the underlying problem can be observed on any system via the developer console

      1. Create/identify an Org with an interface
      2. Create an agreement and link the org
      3. Open developer console in browser and View the agreement
      4. In the developer console note there is a request to `/organizations-storage/interfaces?limit=100`

      Expected Results:

      The request to the interfaces endpoint should include a query to limit the results to interfaces that are linked to organisations that are linked to the agreement

      If you do the same operation in Lotus you'll see that the query to the interfaces endpoint is like:

      `/organizations-storage/interfaces?limit=100&query=<query string for a list of IDs>`

      Without the query string when there are >100 interfaces in the system (e.g. Chalmers has 174) then the results found won't find them all, so any not retrieved in the first 100 won't display correctly in the Agreement/License view

      With the query string the query will work fine (at least until there are more than 100 interfaces linked to orgs linked to the agreement - which is a much less likely scenario)


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