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Check Stripes v8 Compatibility



    • ERM Sprint 155-156
    • Bienenvolk
    • Orchid (R1 2023)
    • TBD


      From https://folio-project.slack.com/archives/CR3FJRSAD/p1670852370994839

      Orchid’s @folio/stripes version will be v8, a BREAKING CHANGE. We will begin merging changes the first week of January, 2023, though some are ready to preview now. Please test the changes in your applications ASAP. You can do this by configuring dev dependencies in package.json like this:

      "@folio/stripes-core": "folio-org/stripes-core#STCOR-663",
      "@folio/stripes-ui": "folio-org/stripes-ui#STRIPESUI-2",

      running yarn, and serving the application like this:

      yarn stripes serve --tenant diku --okapi

      or with a workspace that includes your app, stripes-core (checked out to #STCOR-663PR) and stripes-ui (checked out to #STRIPESUI-2PR).


      From https://folio-project.slack.com/archives/CR3FJRSAD/p1670852370994839

      • You will need to update the major versions of several @folio/stripes-* libraries in your peer-deps and dev-deps: stripes, stripes-components, stripes-core, stripes-form, stripes-final-form, and stripes-smart-components.
      • If your application still uses BigTest, you will need to add a new dev-dep on @folio/stripes-ui and update the import paths for test infrastructure like setupStripesScore. A chunk of stripes-core (including test setup) will be split off into a web-app (stripes-ui), separate from the collection of shared components that will remain in stripes-core. These changes will enable us to move ahead with plans to transpile modules individually when they are published (instead of collectively when creating the bundle from a platform), work that is already under way, and module federation, work we have long talked about. (UXPROD-2889)
      • Various components in stripes-components will actually remove props that have been listed as deprecated for more than one release.
      • The peer-dependency react-redux will be bumped from v7 to v8 (STRIPES-834)

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