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Add new tab group for switching between Agreements and Local KB searches



    • ERM Sprint 148, ERM Sprint 149, ERM Sprint 150, ERM Sprint 151
    • Bienenvolk
    • Nolana (R3 2022)
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      ERM-2289 adds a new Agreement line search and sort to Agreements. This adds a fourth tab to the "Search & filter" pane. There is not enough space to accommodate the new tab.

      To fix this problem a new level of navigation which groups agreement search options and local KB search options is being introduced.


      Add a button group to the Agreements header which offers two options:

      1. "Agreements search"
        • Selecting this will display two search & filter navigation options "Agreements" and "Agreement lines".
        • The default option="Agreements"
      2. "Local KB search"
        • Selecting this will display two search & filter navigation options "E-resources" and "Platforms"
        • The default option = "E-resources"

      The button group should only be visible if the Settings 'Hide internal agreements knowledgebase' not selected (as is currently true for the basket and the E-Resource & Platform search options in the search and filter panel)

      Additional information
      This approach may eventually be replaced by the introduction of a collapsible tab group. Options were discussed at a ERM SIG meeting and users preferred the collapsible tab group as a way to address the problem described above see https://docs.google.com/document/d/1o8oZeTdbhcm3fCdavngXaSVJpIkTlxt1fsoxC7zlhB0. However, the estimated time required to develop this new component is around 10 days and not possible in the short term.

      Technical consideration

      The way this is set up looks like it will provide 2 top level routes, which each contain two lower level routes.

      On discussion the decision was taken to keep these instead as a flat level of routing, as if the 4 buttons were side by side, with logic to work out which buttons are highlighted at any given point.

      This is to keep open the possibility of switching to a combined tab group at some point in the future

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