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New / Edit supplementary property and Term modals: UX improvements (Settings app)



    • ERM Sprint 141, ERM Sprint 142, ERM Sprint 143, ERM Sprint 144, ERM Sprint 145
    • Bienenvolk
    • Morning Glory (R2 2022)
    • TBD


      Make some minor changes to improve the UX of adding/editing Agreement supplementary properties and License terms.

      In the Settings app it is possible to add supplementary properties for use in the Agreements app and terms for use in the Licenses app., each managed via modals accessed from:

      • Settings > Agreements > Supplementary properties > Create
      • Settings > Licenses > Terms > Create

      UX improvements for the search and sort panes

      1. Re-label the "Create" button to "New" and make it a primary button - white text on blue background
      2. Re-label the column header "Picklist" to "Pick list"
      3. Add a label to the filter "Category"

      Lower priority but if possible:

      1. Change the Search box (see Date import > Job profiles for examples)
        1. Add an aria-label to the search box
        2. Add a "Search" button
          Note that this is a different behaviour currently - the search should only happen once the user hits search

      UX improvements for the New/Edit modals (see mockup)

      1. Changes to the "Context" field:
        1. Re-label "Context" to "Category"
        2. Add an info popover to explain the purpose/function of Category (note this will need to go next to the label as it is not possible to place the icon inside a select field).
          Settings > Agreements > Supplementary properties
          Supplementary properties can be categorised. Each category will appear as a separate accordion when viewing or editing the agreement.

          Settings > Licenses > Terms

          Terms can be categorised. Each category will appear as a separate accordion when viewing or editing the license.

          sChange the field format from a multi-select field component to a single select component (i.e. each property can have only one context)

      1. Add a header describing the function:
        • "New supplementary property"
        • "Edit supplementary property"
        • "New term"
        • "Edit term"
      2. Move the "Type" field to the top of the form so that when users select "Pick list (multi-select)" or "Pick list (single select)" and the Pick list field is displayed they don't waste time filling in the form if they haven't yet created the pick list
      3. In the "Edit" modal, display the Type and Pick list fields as inactive instead of hiding them in the form
        1. Only display the field "Pick list" when Type="Pick list (multi-select)" or "Pick list (single select)"
      4. Move the Label and Name infopopover icons out of the fields and next to the label to be consistent with the Category field
      5. Re-label "Picklist" to "Pick list"
      6. Reduce Description span to half of the modal and increase the Category (context) field span to half of the modal
      7. Re-label "Save" to "Save & close"

      UX improvements for the view panes

      1. In the "Actions" button, add Edit and Delete icons to the menu items
      2. Re-label "Picklist" to "Pick list"
      3. Re-label "Context" to "Category"
      4. Display infopopovers for the fields "Label", "Name" and "Category"

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