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      Libraries will sometimes have subscriptions to packages of resources which are not (accurately) described in external knowledgebases, or only described in knowledgebases that do not support machine-to-machine interfaces. In order that such resources can still be represented in Folio, users will want to import files describing the packages (and the resources contained in the package) to create a package/list of resources in Agreements/E-resources


      • A library has obtained a description of a package they have subscribed to from a publisher and wishes to load it into Folio
      • A library uses a knowledgebase (e.g. currently SFX) that has no API for bringing resources into Folio. Instead the library wishes to export the package descriptions from SFX and import into Folio

      Roles and restrictions:

      • Permission to upload packages should be separate to the permission to editing agreements

      Workflow / UI expectations:

      • From Local KB Admin app an option to add data to the knowledgebase should be visible to authorised users by Create New Job and then uploading a file
      • User should see screen where they can see past jobs (and access the logs for past jobs) and start new jobs
      • When a user creates a new job, the user can choose to upload a file
      • Once as user has uploaded a file it should start to be processed (i.e. data read and added to folio as appropriate)
      • The progress of the file processing (job status) should be available to the user from this screen
      • The user should be able to navigate away from the screen without affecting the processing of the file
      • A user can upload one file at a time
        • multiple files can be queued ready for processing,
        • but only one file should be processed at a time (in order to ensure that any data creation tasks do not clash - e.g. creation of new title)
      • If there are errors during the processing that stop specific data being added to Folio, these errors should be made available to users in a report on the processing job. The report should include:
        • A way of identifying record that had problem (e.g. sequential number from file)
        • Information about the record that failed to load
        • Error message/details

      Business rules & constraints:

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