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Export Agreement data as KBART



    • ERM Sprint 64, ERM Sprint 67, ERM Sprint 68, ERM Sprint 69
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      An export is required which will provide a list of all the titles an institution currently has access to (Aggregated over all current agreements) as a KBART format export file.

      The list of titles should be generated based on the titles that are part of "current" agreements , where "current" is defined by
      (Status = Active) AND (("Is Perpetual" == "Yes") OR (("agreement start date" =< today OR not-populated) && (today =< "agreement end date" OR not-populated)). At a later date it maybe desirable for this criteria to be user definable.

      The list of titles for an agreement is the same as is displayed in Agreement preview pane -> E-resources Agreement lines -> E-resources covered by this Agreements (Note that where an Agreement has a Package resource as an agreement line, all titles/resources contained in that package should be included in the list of titles.)

      The export will run, and return a KBART file with 1 row per active title in mod-erm over all agreements. Given the test data loaded by the system scripts this is titles which span all agreements created in the dev_submit_pkg.sh script. The KBART file should contain populated rows for each resource. It probably makes sense to build up the rows starting with just the title, then add properties 1 at a time incrementally.

      Additional Information: There is a standard java package for handling CSV/TSV files : net.sf.opencsv:opencsv' which takes the heavy lifting out of formatting csv/tsv streams. The GOKb team will be a great resource for understanding how this works in practice (Particularly with respect to streaming large files).

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