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Design tasks for support for the ability to choose multiple values for a single license term/agreement property



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      The aim is to enable users to select multiple values from a list of potential values when recording either license term information or agreement property information.

      This task is to do the necessary design work both for the backend and UI to support this (this isn't assuming that a change to backend design is necessary, but there needs to agreement about how such 'multi-value' terms will be supported)

      Current situation or problem:
      Agreements supports "Supplementary Properties" and Licenses "Terms". These support single values per property. However in some cases it would be helpful to record multiple values for a single term.

      For example:
      A term/property for "Supported authentication methods" might include a list of options:

      • IP
      • SAML
      • Specific Username/Password

      Some licenses/agreements might only allow for one of these, but some might allow for two or all three options. Currently the only way to reflect this is to either have one property per authentication method with Supported/Not supported as options.

      The desired outcome is a single property that can have multiple values set. In the UI the user wants to see a single property with a list of the values that have been selected. They also want to be able to filter based on these values


      Use case(s)
      Examples of terms that typically require multiple values to be recorded:

      • Authorized user groups
      • Authentication methods
      • ILL methods allowed

      Proposed solution/stories



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