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Search by extended Package metadata in resource search



    • ERM Sprint 141, ERM Sprint 142, ERM Sprint 143
    • Bienenvolk
    • Morning Glory (R2 2022)
    • TBD


      Add in searches & filters based on the extended package metadata in the e-resource search. Includes a reorganisation of the search and filter panel to help the user navigate the search options that only apply to packages vs the ones that only apply to titles, and the ones that apply to both.

      Search additions
      Add the following to the fields searched via the text search field:

      • Alternate name (AlternateResourceNames.AlternateResourceName.name)
      • Description (description)

      Filter organization
      See the wireframe for example of how this should be organised

      Details are:
      Move the filters which apply to all resource types to the top of the panel (below the search box)

      • Tags
      • Is Package

      Add a heading for "Title filters" above the following filters

      • Type
      • Publication type

      Add a heading for "Package filters" above the following filters:

      • External data source

      Add new filters to the "Package filters" section, using list of values + checkboxes (as per the current Type/Publication type filters) add filters for:

      • Scope (availabilityScope)
      • Status (lifecycleStatus)
      • Content type (contentTypes.contentType)

      Add new date filters to the "Package filters" section, using same pattern as the Agreement start/end dates (i.e. On or after / On or before options for each):

      • Source data created (sourceDataCreated)
      • Source data updated (sourceDataUpdated)

      Other info
      JSON to populate extend package metadata is available on https://issues.folio.org/browse/ERM-2060 - this can be PUT to get a package with searchable fields

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