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Display extended Package metadata in package display



    • ERM Sprint 137, ERM Sprint 138, ERM Sprint 139, ERM Sprint 140, ERM Sprint 141, ERM Sprint 142, ERM Sprint 143, ERM Sprint 144, ERM Sprint 145
    • Bienenvolk
    • Morning Glory (R2 2022)
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      When displaying package information on a package view screen (i.e. at URL like /erm/eresources/<package UUID>) the following information should be added to the package information at the top of the view (if the field is not present follow the current behaviour that is to display the label with a 'no value' in the field "-")

      • contentType(s) - there can be multiple content types for a package, the display should show a list of the content types for the package but a single label (label: Content type)
      • Lifecycle status (label: Status)
      • Package availability scope (label: Availability)
      • Source data created (label: Source created)
      • Source data updated (label: Source last updated)

      See for layout

      Additionally a new accordion should be added to the top of the list of accordions headed "Extended package information" which should contain:

      • Package description (label: Description)
      • Package description URLs - use an MCL to list URLs, each URL should open in a new window and use the correct icon to indicate this behaviour. (label: Package description URLs)
      • Alternative names - use an MCL to list alternative names (same layout as Agreement alternative names). (label: Alternative names)

      Only display the labels/values if they are present (i.e. do not display the labels if there is no data to populate them)
      If none of these values are present, do not display the "Extended package information" accordion

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