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      UI for a screen which supports the ability for the user to move identifiers between a title instance, or any siblings of the title instance, to a second title instance, or any siblings of the title instance


       Dev task breakdown

      • Add actions button to eresources screen which opens a modal with a form in it.
      • Two lookup plugins (See Pluggable use case 1 , Pluggable use case 2)
        • For now use the Pluggable directly. In future we might want to use registry but with the custom render stuff this is out of scope
      • Once you have the two form field selecting eresources, you will need a render method (similar to `renderAgreement` method in the use case 2 above) which instead of rendering a view card, renders some more Fields
        • On the right, you will need Checkboxes
        • On the left you will need Radio buttons
      • The target shape for the output is:
          "initialTitleInstanceId": "ac732fe4-0e3a-4c3a-a304-fdcda55248fc",
          "targetTitleInstanceId": "08916779-4187-45a6-89ff-bfd29e11a9bb",
          "identifierNamespace": "issn",
          "identifierValue": "1758-6046"
          "initialTitleInstanceId": "ac732fe4-0e3a-4c3a-a304-fdcda55248fc",
          "targetTitleInstanceId": "08916779-4187-45a6-89ff-bfd29e11a9bb",
          "identifierNamespace": "zdb",
          "identifierValue": "abc-def"

      This will need to be sent to the endpoint `/erm/jobs/identifierReassignment` as

        "payload": [<the block example above>]

      This should create a new Job which can be viewed in the ui-local-kb-admin app

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