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Create "re-match" process for existing PTI/PCIs



    • ERM Sprint 132, ERM Sprint 133, ERM Sprint 134
    • Bienenvolk
    • Lotus R1 2022


      Following ERM-1799, based on the data stored on the PTI/PCI, run a re-match process that will try to match the PTI/PCI against existing title instances - if the title instance data has changed since the PTI/PCI data was first loaded, this could result in them matching to a different TI (or even create a new one).

      Essentially this treats the key information stored on the PCIs as data to 'reload' into the knowledgebase.
      In conjunction with ERM-1986 it will allow for PCIs to 'rematch' to the correct TI after an identifier or identifiers have been moved between title instances

      • Check PCIs that are linked to TIs that have changed
      • PTI movements not in scope of this issue
      • PCIs will run through process that checks which TI they would match to
        • If the PCI matches back to the same pci.pti.ti as current, nothing happens
        • if the PCI matches back to multiple TIs, nothing happens but need to log as an error (multi TI match)
        • if the PCI matches back to a single TI that is different to the current pci.pti.ti, then the PCI will be moved to the matched TI
      • If the PCI is moving, use the current PTI platform as the Platform and if there is already an appropriate PTI (correct platform and TI) for the PCI, then move it to that PTI. If there is not an appropriate PTI (i.e. no match for the platform/TI combo we now have) then new PTI created using data from current PTI (platform + url) and the PCI is moved to this new PTI

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