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Incorrect "status in agreement" can display for a license when there are multiple licenses for a single agreement



    • ERM Sprint 119, ERM Sprint 120
    • Bienenvolk
    • R2 2021 Bugfix


      Steps to Reproduce:

      1. Create two licenses
      2. Create an agreement
      3. Add one license to the Agreement with Status (this agreement): "controlling"
      4. Add the other license to the Agreement with Status (this agreement): "future"
      5. Save Agreement
      6. View first license, and open "Agreements linked to this license" accordion - note "Link status" should be Controlling
      7. View second licenses and open "Agreements linked to this license" accordion - note "Link status" should be Future

      Expected Results:

      The correct Link status is shown
      Actual Results:

      Incorrect link status is shown for one of the licenses

      Additional Information:

      The issue seems to be somewhat inconsistent - sometimes the link status is shown correctly - but it always seems possible (with multiple attempts closing then viewing alternate licenses) to eventually see an incorrect status displayed (the status for the other license)

      Screenshots attached showing Agreement with two licenses, and then screen shot of each license - they have the statuses reversed - although again sometimes the correct status displays if I close/re-open the license view or refresh the view


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