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Agreements: view (third) pane not displaying



    • Bienenvolk


      In the Agreements app, sometimes the third/view pane will not open. The bug is unreliable, it mostly occurs on Snapshot but it has made an appearance on Testing as well. At the time of writing up this issue, the bug can be generated on Snapshot. The issue was first noticed on 5th July and has been triggered on more than two machines: Chrome on Windows and Chrome on Linux.

      Steps to Reproduce:

      1. Log into Snapshot as DIKU admin
      2. Open the Agreement app
      3. Add two agreements (the error can be generated with a single agreement as well)
      4. Select an Agreement to view it.

      Expected Results:
      The agreement view pane should open

      Actual Results:
      The agreement pane does not open until the browser window is resized. If the view pane is closed and an agreement selected the view pane does not open again until the browser window is resized.

      Additional Information:
      The issue has not been recreated in any other app, but this may be because not enough testing has been carried out.

      If the issue cannot be recreated try selecting the "E-resources" tab in Agreements. The issue exists for E-resources also and seems to be present more often than not.

      See the attached mp4. It includes a view of the Local Storage Values for @folio/agreements/module/agreements-paneset/layout for both Snapshot and Testing.

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