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PCI accessStart and accessEnd dates should be ignored when PCI added as individual resource to agreement



    • ERM Sprint 120, ERM Sprint 121, ERM Sprint 122, ERM Sprint 123, ERM Sprint 124
    • Bienenvolk


      Steps to Reproduce:

      1. Load package in attached JSON file access_start_access_end_test.json
      2. Find the journal "Afghanistan" and add the PCI to an agreement. Note that this has an accessEnd date of 2021-06-30
      3. View E-resources covered by this agreement and note that Afghanistan is in the "Dropped" list not the "Current" list

      Expected Results:

      • Title should appear in the Current list as it has been added to the agreement as an individual PCI, not just via the package

      Additional Information:

      If you export the resources in the agreement (using the "Export as..." button next to the "E-resources covered by this agreement") then Afghanistan is correctly included in the export

      If you were to add the package ("access_start_access_end_tests Package") to an agreement by itself, then Afghanistan should show only in the "Dropped" list and should not be included in the export

      If you were to add both package and the individual PCI to an agreement, then Afghanistan should show as a current title because the presence of the PCI, even though it has been dropped from the package

      Agreement line Active from/Active to dates should be observed in all cases

      Interested parties:

      ostephens , Martina Schildt

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