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Investigate anomalous DragAndDropFIeldArray and react-beautiful-dnd behaviour



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      From https://folio-project.slack.com/archives/C210UCHQ9/p1624273852159300

      seeing some interesting behaviour on folio testing/snapshot with react-beautiful-dnd. As part of the work for ui-dashboard I created a final form component:
      DragAndDropFieldArray. As things stand this works great locally, and also in systems with only ERM modules present, but on snapshot etc we see a behaviour where dirty fields get reset when dragging.
      Thus far I've been unable to replicate it locally, but I would presume it's something to do with mismatched/duplicate versions of either final-form (or any of the final-form related deps) or react-beautiful-dnd.I can see ui-requests pulls in react-beautiful-dnd: ^11.0.5, but doing that locally I couldn't replicate the issue, so that may be a red herring.
      Is this behaviour anyone has seen before/knows where to start debugging? A cursory sweep of the relevant github issues tabs returned nowt.

      To see the issue: * https://folio-testing.dev.folio.org/dashboard/DEFAULT/create - select "ERM Agreements" from the "Widget definition" dropdown

      • In "Results display", add 2 columns
      • Change second column to "start date" with a new label
      • Drag 2nd column to first in list
      • Notice dirty fields have been overwritten

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