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Dashboard: date validation is not being executed when editing a widget



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      When editing a widget, validation is not executing when editing the date field. It’s possible to enter anything into it and “Save & close”. The date is not saved but no message is given to the user.

      Steps to Reproduce:

      1. In the dashboard app, select Actions > New to open the "New widget" pane
      2. Enter the mandatory fields
      3. Select "Add filter"
      4. Set "Filter by" = "Start date" or "End date"
      5. Select the fixed date radio button (bottom radio button) and enter the date 08/10/20
      6. Select "Save & close" to display the widget
      7. Select "Edit" on the widget actions (ellipsis) menu
      8. Change the date to 4/5/21 - this is invalid as it is lacking zeros
      9. Select "Save & close", notice how no validation message is displayed
      10. Select "Edit" on the widget actions (ellipsis) menu to reopen the Edit pane
      11. Notice how the the date still reads 08/10/20

      Expected Results:

      At step 9 validation should be executed and the user prevented from saving the widget.

      Additional Information:
      Could be implemented along with ERM-1702

      A specific example of this is shown in the mp4 - a date field with a missing “0” copied from a Date field on an Agreement (which does not include the 0) mp4: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1gQw0EsK72cmHGRv8g57TOCVwFDnhgZYY/view?usp=sharing

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