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Apply a four column layout to the User card for agreements and licenses and add link to Name



    • ERM Sprint 123, ERM Sprint 124, ERM Sprint 125
    • Bienenvolk
    • Lotus R1 2022


      It is possible to link a user to an Agreement and a License as an "Internal contact". This is done in the Edit pane of the license/agreement. The selected user is displayed in a card e.g.:

      In the Edit panes for Agreements and Licenses, bring the card display inline with others by applying the following changes:

      1. Link the user "Name" field to the user record in the Users app.
      2. Apply a four column layout to the the card. The alignment of the columns should be:

      Quarter 1: Name
      Quarter 2: Home
      Quarter 3 and 4: Email

      See the mockup below.

      In the "Internal contacts" accordion in the view panes for Agreements and Licenses, apply a four column layout to the card. In the screen shot below, this would bring "Email address" roughly inline with Renewal Priority and Period End.

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