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Dashboard: Error message for a table cell



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    • R3 2021


      In a simple search dashboard widget, when data cannot be displayed in a table cell an error should be displayed. If data about the error is available an option to view further details should be offered.

      Sometimes it is not possible to display the content of a table cell. There are many reasons for why this possible failure and so the error message needs to be general enough to cover all cases. The error message will be displayed in the table cell using the Error "Message Banner" component https://ux.folio.org/storybook/?path=/story/messagebanner--basic-usage. The error message should be formed of two parts. The text to be displayed is "Data Error". The second part is a link to "View error details". See the below mockup for an example.

      The "View error details" UX pattern should mirror that of the Error Boundary component. See https://ux.folio.org/storybook/?path=/story/errorboundary--basic-usage.

      • The modal header is "Error details".
      • The first paragraph of text introduces the error with the text "The following occurred," and then a brief description of the result of the error. For example "The following occurred, preventing the display of content in the widget:"
      • The error details are presented in full
      • An option to "Copy" the error to the clipboard is presented

      The mockup below shows an example of the "Error details" modal.

      Dev task breakdown

      This will need to be a try/catch inside the render function for SimpleSearch columns, probably around this block: https://github.com/folio-org/ui-dashboard/blob/master/src/components/TypeComponents/SimpleSearch/Widget/simpleSearchColumnParser.js#L58 

      On catch should return the error component, which should be generic and NOT tied to SimpleSearch itself.

      Potentially same component as ERM-1656

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