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Agreements simple search widget definition



    • ERM Sprint 114, ERM Sprint 115, ERM Sprint 116
    • Bienenvolk


      Update widget definition "ERM Agreements"

      Base URL




      Display Columns


      Name Label Path Link?
      agreementName Agreement name name To named agreement view in agreements app
      agreementStatus Status agreementStatus.label  
      startDate Start date startDate  
      endDate End date endDate  
      cancellationDeadline Cancellation deadline cancellationDeadline  
      internalContacts Internal contact(s) contacts (array)  
      orgs Organization(s) orgs (array)  
      tags Tags tags (array)  
      isPerpetual Is perpetual isPerpetual.label  

      Sort Columns

      Name Sort types Path
      id asc, desc id
      agreementName asc, desc name
      agreementStatus asc, desc agreementStatus.label
      startDate asc, desc startDate
      endDate asc, desc endDate
      cancellationDeadline asc, desc cancellationDeadline


      Name Label Path Type Comparators
      agreementName Agreement name name String is/is not/contains/does not contain
      agreement Agreement id UUID resource:agreement is/is not
      agreementStatus Status agreementStatus.label or agreementStatus.value (see note below) Enum is/is not
      startDate Start date startDate Date is/is not/on or after/on or before
      endDate End date endDate Date is/is not/on or after/on or before/is set/is not set 
      cancellationDeadline Cancellation deadline cancellationDeadline Date is/is not/on or after/on or before/is set/is not set  
      internalContacts Internal contact(s) contacts.user.id UUID
      is/is not
      tags Tags tags.value  string is/is not/contains/does not contain
      isPerpetual Is Perpetual isPerpetual.value or isPerpetual.label Enum is/is not
      hasItems Has agreement lines items array isEmpty/isNotEmpty
      orgs Organizations orgs.org.orgsUuid UUID
      is/is not
      hasOrgs Has organizations orgs array isEmpty/isNotEmpty
      orgs.role Organization role orgs.role.label or orgs.role.value (see note below) Enum is/is not

      Note: Because agreementStatus.label, isPerpetual.label and orgs.role.label can vary from tenant to tenant (e.g. to accommodate other languages) maybe necessary to use the 'value' rather than the label in the definition to allow the definition of a set of Enum values (status = active/closed/draft/in_negotiation/requested, isPerpetual = yes/no)

      Note: orgs.role is a tenant editable list of refdata values so the available values in the Enum will vary from tenant to tenant. So this may need to be treated as a String type instead for the filter in the first iteration

      Configurable properties

      • urlLink
        • Configurable: true
        • Default: /erm/agreements
      • numberOfRows
        • Configurable: true
        • Default: 10

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