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Display interfaces for each linked Organizations in Agreements



    • ERM Sprint 64, ERM Sprint 65
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      Organizations involved in agreements may have web sites where their resources can be purchased, administered or accessed. These interfaces will be added to organizations in the organizations app.

      In order to make it easy for librarians to see which interfaces are relevant for an agreement, the list of interfaces for each organization linked to an agreement, should be displayed. This will make it easier for librarians to see the details and access the right interfaces in the shortest amount of time.

      A problem is reported with a Taylor and Francis journal title. The librarian finds the relevant agreement and identifies the interface where the content should be made available. They click through to the interface to see if there are any problems accessing the interface

      A librarian wants to access usage statistics for a journal title. The librarian finds the relevant agreement and identifies the administration interface where the statistics should be accessible and make a note of the username/password required to access the interface. They click through to the interface, login, and view the usage statistics

      Roles and restrictions:

      • Any user should be able to view interface details
      • Only users with permission to see interface username and password should see the username and password

      Workflow / UI expectations:

      • List of interfaces per Organization will be visible through Agreements (preview pane) -> Organizations
      • The Organization name should link to the Organization record in the Organization app
      • All interfaces for each Organization will display
      • For each interface display the following information:
        • Interface name with link URI (this should be an active hyperlink link with appropriate external link icon)
        • Username
        • Password
        • Interface type
        • Notes
      • If the Organization has no interfaces, no interface information will be displayed
      • See https://issues.folio.org/browse/UXPROD-1681 for indicative wireframes, but note that these wireframes are based on a conversion to using Cards to displaying organisations, which is not required to complete this story (ERM-165)

      Business rules & constraints:

      • Passwords should not display immediately, but rather be optionally displayed when an authorised user clicks an option to display the password
      • Passwords should only be displayed if the user has permission to view the password
      • Passwords should not be accessible via the page source code to unauthorised users

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