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Manage internal contacts for a license



    • ERM Sprint 62, ERM Sprint 63
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      Value for user:
      Ability for members of library staff to get in touch with another appropriate member of library staff with questions about a license


      • A license has a term which indicates that walk-in access for the licensed resource is only permissible from a dedicated computer workstation, but there is no information about where that workstation is located. A member of library staff viewing the license record wants to get in touch with the person in the library who administers the license to find out which terminal can be used
      • A member of staff is negotiating a new license and wishes to insert a specific usage term which the supplier is questioning. The staff member finds an existing license on Folio that contains the same usage term and wants to get in contact with the person who negotiated the license to find out if there were any problems in negotiating the same term in other situations.

      Roles and restrictions:

      • E-resource managers should be able to add and edit the internal contacts for a license
      • All users should be able to view the internal contacts for a license and view their contact details

      Workflow / UI expectations:
      1. A user can add/edit/remove internal contacts from License (edit pane) > License information > Internal contacts

      *The UI should be consistent with the UI used to add Internal contacts to an Agreement (UXPROD-1451)*

      Business rules & constraints:

      • When setting an internal contact
        • a contact person is required
        • Role is required
      • The contact person is selected from Folio users listed in the User app
      • When selecting the contact person it should be possible to search for a person by name, status and patron group (defined by the User app)
      • For the purposes of the test system the available roles for contacts should be:
        • Authorised signatory
        • ERM Librarian
        • License owner
        • Negotiator
        • Subject specialist
      • The same contact person can be added to the license with different roles
      • The same contact person cannot be added to the license with the same role (i.e. no duplicate entries)
      • The same role can be allocated to multiple internal contacts
      • An existing internal contact can be edited to change the Contact person and the Role
      • An existing internal contact can be removed from the license

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