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Flexible management/configuration to map records directly



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      – Draft –

      There should be a flexible management or configuration to specify, which LAS:eR records map to their equivalent FOLIO records. This applies particularly to records that might have been created in FOLIO before there was a corresponding entry in LAS:eR and that should be linked to the LAS:eR resource afterwards.


      • It will be a regular case that new licenses (and subcscriptions) will be entered into FOLIO months prior to the date they become available in LAS:eR 
      • Once the license is available in LAS:eR, the user will want to synchronize the LAS:eR data to the existing FOLIO agreement. 
      • There will most likely be no chance of an automated mapping, as license names etc. will differ.

      This behaviour will need some kind of concept.
      We had one idea how the problem might be solved, but it requires a lot of manual workflow:

      Maybe, it will become necessary to always use the activity/problem logging UI as described in  ERM-1588 to add new data to the system:

      • A new liense/agreement will not be added at once but will display as new in the UI, showing the LAS:eR ID of the new record
      • If there is no corresponding agrement/license in the system,
        • the user will click on some button to indicate
        • in the next synchronization event, a new record will be added to Folio.
      • If there already is a corresponding license/agreement in the system
        • the user will manually add the LAS:eR ID in a specific ID-field of that record.
        • in the next synchronization event, the record with the manually entered LAS:eR ID will be matched to the LAS:eR record and updated.


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