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Duplicate lines loaded in MCLs on navigating away and then back to the page containing the MCL



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      On using the "Load more" button for an MCL, and then navigating away from the page with the MCL and then back can result in duplicate results in the MCL

      Steps to Reproduce:

      1. On Folio snapshot or testing, Navigate to E-resources tab
      2. Scroll to the bottom of the e-resource results list an click "Load more"
      3. Make a note of the first title that has been added to the results list
      4. Navigate to the Agreements tab in the search and sort panel
      5. Navigate back to the E-resources tab in the search and sort panel
      6. Scroll down results set until you find the first occurrence of the title you noted
      7. Scroll further down and find the second occurrence of the title you noted

      Expected Results:
      On navigating back to the page the same results should be loaded as when you left the page (i.e. the first and second "page" of the results should be loaded)

      Actual Results:
      On navigating back to the page the last "page" of results are duplicated in the list

      Additional Information:
      While this writeup describes the issue for a single MCL (the E-Resources search and sort results MCL), the same issue applies across all MCLs in Agreements where the "Load more" button is used

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