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Add POL/Inventory Instance details to Agreement Line display



    • ERM Sprint 102, ERM Sprint 103
    • Bienenvolk


      Current situation or problem:
      When a POL is linked to an Agreement line and also linked to an Inventory instance, there is no way for the user to navigate directly from the agreement line to the inventory instance.

      In scope
      When a link POL references an inventory instance, display this information to the user including a link to the inventory instance.

      Out of scope
      Any new linking between Agreement lines and other objects (e.g. Inventory instances)
      Fetching any additional information from Orders (beyond that already fetched on displaying the Agreement Line)

      Use case(s)
      An order (POL) for a print+electronic journal bundle is linked to the agreement line for the electronic and an inventory instance for the print. From an Agreement Line, the user would like to be able to see that the print instance exists, part of the same order, and navigate to the full details.

      Proposed solution/stories
      When there is a `instanceId` in the response to `/orders/order-lines?query=`, add a link to the PO Line card in the Agreement Line screen next to the "Title in PO Line" heading with "View in Inventory" with the URL `inventory/view/<instanceId>`

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