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Agreement lines from previous agreement show when switching to view another agreement



    • ERM Sprint 101, ERM Sprint 102
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      When opening the accordion Agreement lines, sometimes the list of Agreement lines displayed is for the previous agreement.

      Screencast of issue
      This waiting time in this example was relatively short, it can be much longer.

      Steps to recreate

      1. Create two agreements
      2. Add a single agreement line to one agreement
      3. Add c.20 agreement lines from eHoldings to the other agreement
      4. View first agreement with one agreement line
      5. View second agreement with c.20 agreement lines

      Actual behaviour

      1. See that the agreement line from first agreement can display temporarily
      2. Also note that indicator of the number of agreement lines can take time to update and displays "1" until it has updated

      Expected behaviour

      1. No information from previous agreement should ever be displayed once you have switched to the new agreement
      2. If there is a delay in loading information, a spinner should display to tell the user this is happening
      3. The indicator of the number of agreement lines should not display outdated information, and should not display until the number of lines for the agreement being loaded is known

      Additional information
      It was expected that ERM-680 fixed this, but looking at that code it looks like that fixes for retrieving Resources and not Entitlements

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