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It should not be possible to delete Licenses with attached Agreements



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      Steps to Reproduce:

      1. Login with user that has CRUD permissions in both Agreements and Licenses
      2. Create a License
      3. Create an Agreement
      4. Link License to Agreement
      5. Navigate to License
      6. Attempt to delete license - note that license is not deleted, although user is not told why
      7. Login with a user that has CRUD permissions in Licenses but no permissions in Agreements
      8. View license
      9. Note that license shows as having zero related agreements even though there is a related agreement
      10. Attempt to delete license
      11. Note that license is deleted even though there is a linked license

      Expected Results:

      1. If a user does not have permission to view agreements AND mod-agreements is installed, the user should see a message that they do not have permission to view licenses in the "Agreements linked to this license" section
      2. No matter what permissions the user has, if a user attempts to delete a license with a linked agreement, they should be told that they cannot delete the license because of a linked agreements. This warning, and the non-deletion of the license should not be dependent of them being able to view or edit agreements
      3. If there are no agreements related to a license, the user should be able to delete the license even if they do not have permissions to view or edit agreements

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