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UIs for managing proxy url and customiser url configurations from the Platform context



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      Users need to be able to managed the proxy url and customised url configurations implemented (via ERM-1048) from the Platform screen. This is in two parts:

      1. Managing platform specific URL customizations
      2. Managing whether a platform uses a proxy URL configuration

      Managing platform specific customisations

      • The view pane should have a new accordion for "URL customization"
      • This should display any existing URL customization for the platform
      • For users with permission to Edit platforms
      • if there is not yet a URL customization, they should see a button to "Add URL customization"
      • if there is already a URL customization for the platform, the "Add" button should be greyed out with a tooltip "Maximum number of URL customizations is 1"
      • if there is a URL customization for the platform it should be displayed in the accordion with the Name and the Customization code

      If the user clicks "Add URL customization", if they have permission to edit platforms, a form will be displayed where the user can add a new URL customization with a Name and URL customization code (aka string template)

      • On adding a new URL customization the name field should be filled out with the platform name + "URL customizer" as a default name - but this is editable by the user
      • The user can amend the name and the URL customization code (string template) and then save

      If a URL customization already exists, clicking the name field in the MCL (anticipating UX-372) should open the URL customizer in a view pane

      Users with permission to edit platforms will see an Actions menu with the options to Edit (taking the user to the edit screen) or Delete, which will prompt the user to ensure they are sure they want to delete the customization, and if they respond positively will delete the customization

      Managing whether a platform uses a proxy URL configuration

      Users should be able to set whether a proxy s apply and un-apply proxy server settings whilst viewing a platform's details.

      In the Platform "view" pane, add a new accordion "Platform proxy server settings" containing an MCL listing all the "proxy server settings" which have been added in Settings > Local KB admin > Proxy server settings.

      The MCL should contain the columns "Name", "Status" and "Actions" where:

      • Name is the name of the proxy server setting
      • Status = "Used" or "Not used" (note that this value is calculated)
      • Actions contains one of two buttons:
        • If Status = "Used" display the button "Do not use this proxy" (styled as a default button: blue text on a white background. The button should have the tooltip "Do not use the proxy "[name]" for the platform "[platform name]"
        • If Status = "Not used" display the button "Use this proxy" (styled as a primary button: white text on a blue background. The button should have the tooltip "Use the proxy "[name]" for the platform "[platform name]"

      See mockup for an example.

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