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Improve display of Coverage in MCLs



    • ERM Sprint 102, ERM Sprint 103
    • Bienenvolk


      Coverage is regularly displayed in an MCL column.

      Agreement preview

      "Agreement line" accordion

      "E-resources covered by this agreement" accordion

      Title instance preview

      "Agreements for this e-resource" accordion

      "Options for acquiring e-resource" accordion

      Package preview

      "E-resources in package" accordion

      ERM basket

      ERM comparisons

      Comparison report output

      The width needed by a coverage cell varies but ideally the dates will always display on a single row, and the Vol/Issue will display on a single row, without either row wrapping.

      It is quite common for the coverage column to be empty of data, in which case ideally the width will take the minimum amount of space. This is achieved currently by not setting a column width, as can be seen on the AVA VOD Library package preview. However, taking this approach sometimes causes the content to wrap. We have attempted to get around this by setting the minimum width=250 and the maximum=320 to give the content the room it needs, but this means that the width of an empty column can never be less than 250. Ideally we would be able to set no width for the column and for the max and min values to only be applied if the column contains content.This would be a Stripes MCL change.

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