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Comparison report - display message indicating there are more records to load.



    • ERM Sprint 161, ERM Sprint 162, ERM Sprint 163, ERM Sprint 164, ERM Sprint 165
    • Bienenvolk
    • Poppy (R2 2023)


      When a comparison report is opened the first 200 titles are displayed. If a report has more than 200 titles a "Load more" button is displayed at the bottom of the MCL. There is no way for the user to know that the report has not been loaded in full, without scrolling to the end of the report. Better messaging is needed to inform users. In-page navigation is needed to enable users quickly navigate to the "Load all" button.


      1. When the report has more than 200 titles display the message:

      200 of [total] titles displayed. Select Load all to view full report

      When the report is fully loaded display the message:

      [total] of [total] titles displayed

      2. Add two in-page navigation buttons "Jump to bottom" and "Jump to top"

      3. OPTIONAL: Display the "Load all" button at the top of the MCL (as well as the bottom).

      • Needs some investigative work to assess what is involved in separating the button out of the MCL and including it in the page instead.


      Mockup showing changes:

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