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TLR: Closed - Pickup(s) expired items & request queue issue



    • EPAM-Veg Sprint 151, EPAM-Veg Sprint 152
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    • Vega
    • Nolana (R3 2022)
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      Overview: When an request has gone to Closed - pickup expired it retains it's queue position but does not appear in the request queue so the queue position numbers look off
      Steps to Reproduce:

      1. Log into MG bugfest 
      2. Create a few title level page and recall requests
      3. Make one or more requests Closed - pickup expired
      4. View the queue and look for queue position numbers - for the attached examples (image30, image31, image 32), position 1 is not showing in the queue

      The instance HRID where you can see other missing queue positions is in7726679.

      Expected Results: The queue is lacking a request with queue position 1
      Actual Results: Queue position 1 is missing from the queue, and belongs to an item with request status of Closed - pickup expired
      Additional Information: When the Closed - pickup expired items are checked in, the missing queue positions become visible in the queue
      Interested parties: MarieWi 

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          1. image (30).png
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            Stephanie Buck
          2. image (31).png
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            Stephanie Buck
          3. image (32).png
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            Stephanie Buck
          4. image-2022-08-02-15-09-10-114.png
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            Artem Blazhko
          5. image-2022-11-01-12-33-04-850.png
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            Roman Barannyk
          6. image-2022-11-01-12-33-46-383.png
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            Roman Barannyk
          7. image-2022-11-02-17-38-19-508.png
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            Roman Barannyk
          8. image-2022-11-02-17-42-12-291.png
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            Roman Barannyk
          9. image-2022-11-02-17-43-33-660.png
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            Roman Barannyk
          10. image-2022-11-02-18-05-41-252.png
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            Roman Barannyk
          11. image-2022-11-02-18-07-08-047.png
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            Roman Barannyk
          12. Missing positions 2, 3, 8.png
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            Stephanie Buck

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