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Expire requests for only one tenant in the expiration job



    • EPAM-Veg Sprint 141, EPAM-Veg Sprint 142
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    • Vega
    • Lotus (R1 2022) Hot Fix #2
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      Massey reported that some items were not showing up in the hold shelf clearance report that should have been in the report. I have been looking into this and trying to test out what could be going wrong. It seems like for the item to show up in the report it must meet these requirements: item status = 'Awaiting pickup' request status = 'Closed - cancelled' or 'Closed - Pickup expired' no other request in the queue OR no other requests in the request queue with status = 'Open - awaiting pickup' pick up service point must be the current service point that is logged in I am pretty sure these rules are correct but they could be slightly incorrect or there could be additional rules that I am unaware of.

      Brooks Travis did some testing and found that the hold shelf clearance report was working correctly for Kiwi-bugfest but for Massey he found an example of where it was working incorrectly.

      Can someone take a look and see why these two items are not showing up in the hold shelf clearance report? This is hard to test for other more active service points for Massey since the requests and status for these items changes frequently. It could be that the hold shelf clearance report is working properly and there is a rule that I do not know about?


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