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In Requests, search for title with hyphen returns no results for certain titles



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      Reproduced this in Chalmers Q3 environment and in Snapshot stable.

      Preconditions: there is a request on the title "Externredovisning i icke-noterade svenska företag".

      Steps to reproduce:
      1. Go to Requests and search for "Externredovisning i icke-noterade svenska företag"

      Expected result:
      There is a search result for the requested title "Externredovisning i icke-noterade svenska företag".

      Actual result:
      There are no search results.

      Additional info:

      • The search only returns the title if I remove everything after the hyphen, i.e. search for "Externredovisning i icke-". I have no problems searching for the full title in the Inventory app.
      • CB: In folio-snapshot, I changed ABA Journal to ABA-Journal and created a request. It could be found when searching "ABA-Journal"
      • CB: Since that result was surprising, I created an entirely new instance called "ABA-Journal Cate Test" and created a request for an item within it. I was able to find the request by searching "ABA-Journal" (which, I would think, is analagous to what isn't working for Chalmers) but if I include the entire title "ABA-Journal Cate Test", nothing is returned.

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